Do you own a property that is more of a headache and inconvenience than an investment?

Inherited a property?

If you are confronted with the loss of a family member and have inherited a house, we can arrange the estate sale and the purchase of the home, as well as an estate sale for the objects in the house.

No matter if you are in-state or out-of-state, we can help find the best solution for your property, even if it means taking it off your hands permanently, cleaning it out, and helping you sell or rent it. Our team can serve as a property manager if you decide to rent.

Relocating? Settling a divorce?

Don’t let the sale of your home interfere with the next steps of your family journey. Let Legacy Investments refinance your home in our company name to give you the money that you need for your next home while we help you pack.

Other situations that may require an investor include:

  • Back Taxes
  • Divorce
  • Estate
  • Probate
  • Unwanted Rental
  • Vacant House
  • Lot of Land
  • Foreclosure

It’s not about making a deal where one side loses. It’s about creating a partnership where everyone wins.

— Dan Waugh, Owner & Realtor

Tell me about your property

What is required for an as-is sale?

One Quick Call

We give you a call to discuss in more detail the property and its attributes, any expected repairs, and your situation – the driving factor to sell.

Home Inspection

In some instances, we may need to conduct a home inspection. We will not require you to make any repairs. This is for our evaluation.

Quick Offer

If interested, we make an offer over the phone based on your needs — or we may schedule a time to look at the property with you before making a cash offer.