Started in 2015, Legacy Initiative, Inc. is a family portolio started by a father for his children. After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, it was obvious that something needed to be a better life insurance for the kids than a simple life insurance policy. 

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cashflow and wealth.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Owner, Dan Waugh (“Wa”) was born in Harford Memorial Hospital in Havre de Grace, Maryland and raised in Conowingo, Maryland, moving to Virginia and back to Aberdeen, Maryland around age 10. The first job that was held was with Pizza Hut, door-hanging coupons at age 14 and whose mother was a manager of the chain. By age 16, Dan worked along side his grandmother, as a cook, when not waiting tables, washing dishes and whatever else his mother needed. It was easy to see that being grounded was no fun because that meant more work .. With MOM! At the age of 18, Dan embarked to Paris Island as a United States Marine Corp recruit with platoon 3066, “Killer Kilo Company”, 3rd Battalion. After basic training, Dan returned home and requested “Recruiters Assistance”, which was approved on September 11, 2001 at approximately 6:30 in the morning. After a brisk run with the Staff Sergeant and Corporal, the tv was turned on and there were the Twin Towers. Assigned to 1st Tank Battalion, and a few trips to Kuwait, Dan was Honorably discharged from the Marines, in 2004.

After returning home, having a son at 25 and daughter at 28, realizing that life was shorter than most think and plans to make a better future for his kids became a priority. Obviously, this would be no easy challenge and was eventually laid off in 2013 because of government furloughs and cutbacks. With almost 11 months without the ability to find a job, seeing that there was many people with homes they could not get out of because of the housing crash, being a veteran that was about to lose their house and having to become a landlord .. Real estate became the reality.

Since becoming an unemployed landlord, in 2013, the company has generated revenue from several projects and maneuvers that has helped people in need, while generating income from buying, sales, and renting homes out, as well as loans and equitable partners. We are in the market for any property that can generate a small profit, and these profits not only go into the self-directed retirement plan, but they also help sponsor children in such things as the “Jumprope for Heart”, a Kidney surgery,  and recently sponsored Aberdeen Jr. Lacrosse, April 2017. Legacy Investments (d.b.a.) is not only comprised of the family legacy, but also to the legacy of some community children, as well. Let us help you, so that we can help others.